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I am a furry! As a furry, I'm usually called Sky, for my main sona.

It's not easy to explain what that means. There are Wikipedia and WikiFur for some broad definitions, but being furry is personal and an identity, so it might be different for different people. The main unifying definition is an inclination toward anthropomorphized animals and other non-human creatures, but the specifics may differ broadly.

For me, I like fluffy and cute things. It's a way for me to embrace my soft, cuddly side. Cute art brings a smile to my face, and I occasionally daydream about my fluffy characters to help me calm down.

In addition, I have a huge Pokémon bias. A lot of furry content I consume is about anthro Pokémon, mainly the cute kinds: Vulpix, Eevee and its evolutions, and so on.

I don't participate much in the furry fandom; I'm pretty introverted. But I've made several friends from being furry, and I do sometimes commission art. Although I don't draw, I do occasionally write stories.

While furry by itself does not necessarily include sexual aspects, they are definitely present throughout the fandom. On this page, direct links should not lead to any NSFW content by themselves, but I can't promise the same if you continue by following related links. Please be mindful of this and exercise caution.

Original characters

Many furries have fursonas. Quite literally "furry personas", they are just furry characters that the person behind them can project themself into. Fursonas are often a kind of original characters (OCs), although OCs may also be created for other purposes: for some sort of creative work (art, story, comic, etc.), for roleplaying with, and more.

I have two fursonas: Sky and Vee. I also have several other OCs. In addition, I have an entire alternate universe as the setting of my stories, with more OCs in them.


Sky, by maimoonrabbit
Art by @maimoonrabbit

Sky (he/him) is an anthro Shaymin Sky Forme (also known as Skymin).

The green parts of his body are somewhat lighter than the usual Skymin, more of a pastel green color. Compared to a regular Skymin, he's missing his red leafy scarf thing. A Shaymin normally changes back to Land Forme at night or when frozen, but neither applies to Sky; he's stuck in Sky Forme. He normally doesn't wear clothes.

Sky is my main fursona. As a projection of myself, he's half my personalities, half my ideal self. He's generally happy and cuddly. He's shy with new people, but he gladly offers plenty of hugs for his friends. He's curious of new experiences. Although I don't draw, Sky is an adept artist.

Although a Pokémon, I never really put much thought into his stats, his moves, and so on. He's relatively inexperienced in battling. For some reason, he does know Seed Flare.

Sky, the bard

In an alternate continuity that's the setting of a D&D campaign I'm in, Sky is a bard. He's part of a group of 12 legendary bards called the Troubadours, and he plays the flute. He often wears a cape, colored in the same red color as the Gracidea, which is also the color of his otherwise-missing leafy scarf.

I first played in the campaign by repurposing Sky for this. It was my first ever campaign and I was inexperienced, so I didn't quite know where to go with him, so he became a bard. I have since regretted several character choices, and I decided to give control of this character to my DM to make another one. To my knowledge, Sky is an important NPC for another group's campaign. (To learn more about my unusual D&D campaign setting in the first place, check the notes for Vee — His Story on my works page.


Vee the artificer, by Fisk
Artificer continuity; Art by Fisk

Vee (he/they) is an anthro Eevee.

His appearance is rather mundane; there's no notable difference with the feral Eevee species, other than that he's reshaped into an anthro. For example, there's no particularly different fur color or anything.

He has a special power: he can assume the form of any of the Eeveelutions at will, including returning back to an Eevee. Like the Eevee form, each form is anthro but otherwise doesn't have much difference from the originals.

Each form has slightly different personalities, including a different name and gender. All the names start with V, and although they have different names, they are still the same Vee and they will respond to the name "Vee" just fine.

Vee's forms

While I managed to pin down the names and genders, I haven't quite fleshed out the personalities of them.

  • Vee: Eevee (he/they)
  • Vapor: Vaporeon (she/her)
  • Volt: Jolteon (he/him)
  • Vigor: Flareon (she/her)
  • Vio: Espeon (she/her)
  • Void: Umbreon (he/him)
  • Vale: Leafeon (he/him)
  • Vista: Glaceon (she/her)
  • Vega: Sylveon (she/they)

Vee is another one of my fursonas. His ability to change forms represents my many distinct moods and interests. His changing gender might imply my gender-fluidity; this is something about myself that I don't even know for sure yet. (His changing name, though, is mainly related to my puzzle interest, including puns and wordplays.)

Similar to my academic background, Vee has an advanced, extensive knowledge; he's adept in science, technology, and magic. He's familiar with scientific research, and he's a very curious individual. He's shy with new people, but he treasures his friends deeply.

This is not canon for Vee, but I did once mess around to make a stat block for him.

Stat block
  • Level: 50
  • Nature: Modest
  • IVs: 31 HP / 12 Atk / 31 Def / 28 SpA / 9 SpD / 31 Spe
  • EVs: 6 HP / 0 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 0 SpD / 0 Spe
  • (Exact stats depend on form; use some stat calculator to help.)
  • Moves: Charm, Helping Hand, Protect, and one special attacking move that depends on form

Vee, the artificer wizard

In an alternate continuity that's the setting of a D&D campaign I'm in, Vee is an artificer/wizard. He used to study at the prestigious academy Lydian Spires, becoming rather well-known as a great scholar with some groundbreaking results involving magic items. A world-scale calamity threw him and many people he knew into an entirely new world, where he learned he had the ability to commune with powerful elemental gems that kept this world in balance — and taking up various Eeveelution forms as a result.

The picture I have for Vee here is a picture of this artificer alternate continuity, not the general, canon Vee.

After I gave control of Sky to the DM, I created a version of Vee. Thanks to my great DM, he has quite an extensive backstory, as well as a role to play in the campaign. The DM is Fisk, the same artist that drew the picture for Vee, and Fisk captured his look well.

I have also been writing about Vee's journey in the campaign as a standalone story of sorts, titled Vee — His Story.

Other OCs

I've also made several more OCs. Some of these haven't found much use yet and are possibly retired.


An anthro fennec fox girl (she/her). I saw a very cute image and felt the urge to create a character from there right away; Fen was inspired by the one on the right. I used her in roleplays with a friend back in 2013 or so. However, her personality and character never got developed, and I ended up retiring her.


An anthro fox (he/him). He has white fur everywhere except for an eta (η) symbol in light blue fur on his chest. He's normally mute, and he tends to be shy and introverted.

He has a special power: he's very easily influenced and can take up features of people he interacts with. From fur color and body shape, to speech pattern and personality. (He is no longer mute once he starts getting influenced, because he takes up being able to speak from them.) He gets features faster by having continued and prolonger interactions, as well as close and affectionate ones.

He can take features from multiple people at once, forming some sort of chimera. Features generally fade away in around a week or so with no interaction.

His name is taken from Etaoin shrdlu, a nonsense phrase that is also roughly the most common English letters in order. I noticed "Eta" is also a Greek letter and went with it.

The idea for the character is fun, but I need to flesh him out more. He seems very suitable for roleplay.

Alternate universe: The Civilization

The Civilization is an alternate universe (AU) where some of my stories take place.

It is a utopian universe, where evil has been rendered virtually nonexistent. Everyone's well-being is taken care of, so nobody has to ever be concerned about working enough to make a living. Instead, people are free to explore their hobbies to their heart's content.

The universe is made of numerous worlds, or topas, where each topa focuses on a different interest. Extensive transportation system, including faster-than-light technology, makes it not much of a chore to travel to different topas.

Example topas
  • Gwafriplex: A topa that truly appreciates art in all its forms. This includes visual art — paintings, digital drawings, graffiti, sculptures, and so on — as well as other kinds of art, including music, poetry, and stage performances. Museums and galleries are perhaps more common than residential houses.
  • Omnomo: A topa based on food. Plenty of dishes from various cultures are on offer, creating a dazzling spectacle of colors and a wonderful treat for one's taste and smell. Mingling of various societies also leads to new fusion dishes, and gastronomy laboratories also suggest new treats to discover.
  • Pokarena: A topa centered on Pokémon. Plenty of Pokémon-based furs live here, with several cities and landmarks resembling those found in the Pokémon universe. Pokémon battling is a widespread hobby, as well as Pokémon Contests.
  • Topa Zero: A topa with wide support for mathematics and formal logic. Buildings and residences are built in mathematically pleasing arrangements. Monitors display various mathematical problems, theorems, and fun facts, with the hope of sparking some new idea in the minds of its populace. Widespread artificial intelligence technology helps filling in small details of a proof, as well as checking that they are correct.

In November 2022, I was sick due to COVID-19, so I started imagining a big writing project with its associated setting. While the project wouldn't need the full scale of the universe, I couldn't help but think what kind of setting would support what I was thinking, and I arrived at this. It's designed to be open and extensible, not only by me but by whoever else interested to do so.

Sky and Vee exist in this AU as their canon selves. Perhaps I will find a place for other characters mentioned above to be in this setting too. In addition, I've created several OCs original to this AU, although I'm still fleshing them out.

Furry art

Furry fandom is very rich in art, most of them pictures. While I don't draw, I like looking at pictures, especially the fluffy and cute kind that I like from furry. Here are some of them.

Also, I have a huge Pokémon bias. Pretty much every single one of these is a Pokémon: either anthropomorphized, or already bipedal and looking like a furry character.

Note: I also have a bias toward furries with no clothing. This does not mean they are raunchy; think of characters in cartoons. I just like to see more of the fluffy and cute fur. See the image for Sky above; that's an example of the kind I like. I think these pictures are safe, cute, and innocent, but I imagine a warning won't hurt.

To repeat the warning, direct links from this page should be safe, but I can't promise you won't encounter NSFW stuff if you continue following related links.

Many of these link to e926. It is an imageboard website that hosts a lot of furry content. It is a spin-off from e621, only taking the images that are rated safe. This is an extra precaution to avoid exposing you to NSFW stuff without warning. Despite all that, stay responsible as well.

Some favorite pictures

NSFW content

Being a furry does not necessarily imply sexual aspects; many furries don't touch that side at all. When I'm feeling wholesome, I just want the fluffy and cute side of furry; I don't need the raunchy parts.

But for some people, the sexual aspects do form a big part of their identity, and I also have that side. I am active in some 18+ spaces, and my writing tends to be fetishy smut. I don't feel I need to particularly hide this, because it is part of my identity.

This is an adults-only zone. If you are underage, turn back now. If you don't want to see anything NSFW, don't come in.

If you are sure you want to go there, you can follow through. Please be responsible.

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